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Sagar Garg



A talented individual responsible for the design and creation of all man-made objects in the known universe



A hard-working person devoted to transforming dreams into tangible products



A person skilled with the use of computers who uses his talents to gain knowledge for the enjoyment of exploration



A severely sleep deprived person who attends classes at a school, college, or university

About Me

Sagar Garg

I am a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and minoring in Computer and Information Technology. I love engineering and programming, so I spend most of my time learning how to program and working on engineering and programming projects.

I am currently seeking internship and Co-Op oppurtunies in the Computer Engineering Field


I love to build things. I usually use Arduino microcontrollers for my projects.


I am an Android developer. I currently have two apps on the Google Play store, and hope to add more soon.


I develop web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am available for freelance, so contact me if you are interested.

My Skills

I work with many programming languages and platforms, including:

Programming Languages

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Java
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • Python


  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Soldering
  • AutoCAD
  • 3D printing
  • Computer Numerical Control
  • Flow Path / Flow Cut


  • Arduino
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Android SDK
  • Chrome Extensions


Unit Converter App

Link to Google Play Store
Link to Amazon App Store

Unit Converter is an Android Application that features fast, real time conversion in a clean interface. There are seven different units included: Distance, Speed, Time, Mass, Digital Storage, Area, and Temperature.

Easy A Calculator Graphic

Easy A Calculator App

Link to Google Play Store
Link to Amazon App Store

Easy A Calculator is an Android Application that calculates the minimum grade that you need for the last marking period in order to get the grade that you want. Includes Trimester and Quarter grade calculator.

Simplistic Watch Face Graphic

Simplistic Watch Face

Simplistic is a watch face for Android Wear which provides necessary information in a simplistic way. Includes Time in a 12-hr or 24-hr format based on phone settings, Colored AM/PM markers, Day of the Week, Month, and Day of the Month.

LED Cube

Over the summer I built a 4x4x4 LED Cube. The LED cube uses an Arduino Uno micro-controller to program the LEDs. The code that I used in the video along with additional pictures, can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Textbook Trader

Textbook Trader

with Andreas Dias, Benjamin Shi, and Adwaita Dani

We came up wih the idea after one of us realized how hard it was at Princeton to sell and buy books and felt there was an opportunity being lost when multiple people would ask for one book or others would go a while without a response for their book.



with Shreya Hirday, Shaantam Chawla, and Nishanth Shanmugham

BarBot utilizes a combination of Android and Arduino to create a magical Box that stores your temptations and keeps you from simply taking TOO MUCH. Well, it first started off as an idea for a robot that could move around and carry drinks for people at a party. Each person gets a limited numbers of drinks, and once that limit is reached...BarBot doesn't let you take anymore! We later expanded this idea to eating healthy as well. One of our favorite key features is that BarBot can automatically lift its cover so you can take what you went simply using sonar data. Another key feature that we like is that the Android app keeps track of how much you have had...and no registration required!

Tab Counter

Tab Counter

Tab Counter is a Google Chrome Extension that counts the number of currently opened browser tabs and windows. This was my first chrome extension project and I hope to build more in the future.


College: Purdue University College of Engineering

Freshmen Semester 1 (2016)

Prog Appl for Engineers (CS159)

Trans Ideas to Innov (ENGR133)

Analytic Geom & Calc II (MA166)

Freshmen Semester 2 (2017)

Multivariate Calculus (MA261)

E&M Interactions (PHYS272)

Other Programming Courses

Codecademy HTML/CSS (2014)

Codecademy JavaScript (2014)

Coursea Machine Learning (2017 - In progress)

EdX Artificial Intelligence (2017 - In progress)

High School: Bergen County Academies Academy for Engineering and Design Technology

Freshmen (2012 - 2013)

Intro to Engineering Design I

Digital Electronics

Engineering Technology

Intro to Robotics

Intro to Java

Sophomore (2013 - 2014)

Intro to Engineering Design II

Principles of Engineering

Interm Java

Junior (2014 - 2015)

AP Calculus BC

AP Chemistry

Interm Electrical Engineering

Manufacture Process CIM

Android App Dev I/II/III

Intro to Python

Senior (2015 - 2016)

AP Computer Science

AP Physics C

Adv Electrical Engineering

Senior Engineering Capstone

Intro to Web App Dev

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me; email works best.